About Jack

It all started with banging on our family's piano before I could even walk. My mom would show me simple things like, "Listen what an octave sounds like," years before I had any formal lessons. I picked up a knack for playing by ear and picking up new instruments and I really believe I learned music as a native language.

Playing piano and violin as a kid gave way to bass, guitar, and singing as a teenager, and later I started dabbling with a bunch of other instruments like mandolin, accordion, and tin whistle. Being a multi-instrumentalist is the greatest gift I could have asked for. My favorite musical outlet is recording because I get to build a rich masterpiece out of lots of different elements.

I think of the instruments as different colors on an artist's palette, and that's how I create - a little piano here, a little mandolin there... and maybe something doesn't fit, so I paint over it, or blend it a little with something else. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it to stand back and lsiten after a song's taken on a life of its own. It's even more worthwhile when I get to see other people connect with my music.

A few years ago I sold my Ford Explorer to fund a home recording studio, and after nearly three years of recording over 14 different instruments myself, I released my first self-produced album Journey to Normal.

I like to think it goes beyond the typical "home brewed" recording. It's driven by acoustic instruments (no Casio keyboards involved) and I poured a lot into writing honest and thoughtful songs with sonic and emotional depth.

To hear songs from the album and to snag a copy for yourself, check out the Music page.